Brixton Car Park

This is a very safe and secure carpark located in the heart of Brixton in Cold Harbour Lane, it is covered with metal fences and has a gate for security purposes. It is very close to the O2 Academy and is an ideal place to park close to shops and the station.


0 - 1 hour£1.95

1 - 2 hours£3.95

2 - 4 hours£7.95

4 - 6 hours£11.95

6 - 12 hours£14.95

12 - 24 hours£18.95


Accessing your parking space:
  1. Parking space is opposite to Grocery Shop called Pay Less Food & Wine 324 Coldharbour Lane, SW98QH, and it is inside the car wash. It is open from 7am to 8pm, however if you need to take your car after 8pm or before 8 am, please pop into Pay Less Food & Wine so we can kindly open the gates for you.
  2. Please note that we do not accept cash payments and all the bookings should be made online.
Extra Information

Please note that we don’t accept cash payments for this site and all the bookings should be made online.